The Journal of the Spohr Society was published once a year. Recent articles included (in alphabetical order of author):

Wolfram Boder, Senility or the Wisdom of Age:  Studies in Spohr’s ‘Crusaders’
John Denman, My Life with Louis:  reflections of a Spohr clarinettist
Yutaka Igarashi and Peter Skrine, Spohr’s most gifted pupil, Norbert Burgmüller
Bertrand R. Jacobs, The chamber music of Spohr
Irene Lawford, Louis Spohr and his publishers
Maurice Powell, Spohr and the harp
Philip Scowcroft, Victorian and Edwardian revivals
Peter Skrine, Goethe, Zelter and Spohr
Chris Tutt, Spohr and Mendelssohn
Keith Warsop, Spohr and the Nazis
Martin Wulfhorst, Spohr and the metronome

This page will eventually include a fuller list of articles and links to the text of many of them.